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We sell all OEM HP inks for your wideformat printer. You’ve stepped up to offer a wider range of options-including top photo-quality applications-and meet fast turnaround times. Now, look to HP Vivid Photo Inks and HP media designed together with your printer, to help you deliver. With the HP Designjet printing system including HP Vivid Photo Inks and HP media-that provide quality, speed, and hassle-free printing-you can commit to the challenging print job and tight deadline with confidence you can satisfy your customers’ expectations.




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Z Series

Designjet Z6800
Designjet Z6600
Designjet Z6200
Designjet Z6100
Designjet Z5600
Designjet Z5400
Designjet Z5200
Designjet Z3200
Designjet Z3100
Designjet Z2600
Designjet Z2100

Latex Series

Scitex L570
Scitex L560
Scitex L370
Scitex L365
Scitex L360
Scitex L335
Scitex L330
Scitex L315
Scitex L310
Scitex L115
Scitex L110
Designjet 26500
Designjet 25500
Designjet 28500
Designjet 65500
Scitex LX850
Scitex LX820
Scitex LX800

UV Scitex

Scitex FB750
Scitex FB550
Scitex FB700
Scitex FB500
Scitex FB950
Scitex FB910
Designjet H45x00
Designjet H35x00

T Series

Designjet T7200
Designjet T7100
Designjet T3500
Designjet T2530
Designjet T2500
Designjet T2300
Designjet T1530
Designjet T1500
Designjet T1300
Designjet T1200
Designjet T1100
Designjet T930
Designjet T920
Designjet T830
Designjet T795
Designjet T790
Designjet T770
Designjet T730
Designjet T620
Designjet T610
Designjet T520
Designjet T120


Designjet 5500
Designjet 5000
Designjet 4520
Designjet 4500
Designjet 4020
Designjet 4000
Designjet 3000
Designjet 2000
Designjet 1050
Designjet 800
Designjet 510
Designjet 500
Designjet 130
Designjet 110
Designjet 90

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