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GerberCAT inks for the Gerber Solara ion are an exclusive, four color (CMYK) cationic ink set that UV cures at approximately room temperature, which allows heat sensitive materials to be printed on without concern for material damage. Using Gerber’s new Cold Fire Cure™ system, GerberCAT inks open the door to a huge set of applications such as real estate signage, POP, vehicle applications, backlit, traffic signage, exhibit display, banners, and textiles.





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P82647C P82650C P83196C P82649C P82812A P82244A P82478B P77971A P81915A P78454A P77970A P82529A P82528A P82970B P82916A p81469c cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, lt magenta, lt cyan,