Finishing Supplies

From Bannerups and Powertabs to Gromments, Banner Stands, and other Finishing Tools.




Bannerups   Grommets
PTAPE PowerTape 1.5” x 36 yds (5rolls)
BAN001 Regular Banner Ups 500 count
BAN002 Mini Banner Ups 1000 count
BAN003 Clear Mini Banner Ups 1000 count
BAN011 PowerTabs 500 piece count
BAN012 Mini PowerTabs 1000 piece count
BAN013 Clear Mini PowerTabs 1000 count
BAN014 Clear PowerTabs 500 piece count
BAN016 Crystal Clear EdgeTabs 500 count
POLE050 PoleTape .5” x 200’ (20 mil) – 1 Roll
POLE135 PoleTape 1” x 200’ (35 mil) – 1 Roll

Banner Stands
BDHT2484610 Value Banner Display Hardware 24″x 84″
99124 Propress Mechanical Grommet Press
99124-D2 #2 Die Set for Grommet Propress
99125-BR2 Brass Grommets #2 Size (500 pairs per bag)
99125-SS2 Stainless Steel #2 (500sets/bag)

Tools & Other Supplies
BS38CRADLETOOL 38 Big Squeegee Cradle Tool
BS50HLAMINATOR 50 Big Squeegee Laminator Tool w/Handle
IC1969W White Vinyl Application Squeegee
AK4 X-Acto Cutting Knife
AK5 Olfa Pick-N-Pop Tool
BPOP Bubble Popper
BPR Bubble Popper Replacement Pin
CWK Piece Stainless Steel Weeding Kit
ID12A 12 Pack Assorted ID Cards
KB4-S/100 100-Pack Percision Blades
KB4-S/5 5-Pack Percision Blades
MR16 Heavy Duty 16 Roll Media Floor Rack
SEALIT Seal-It Pen Acrylic 4005UV Blocker
SQFLT4 4″ Plastic Squeegee w/Felt Edge
SQFLT6 6″ Plastic Squeegee w/Felt Edge
WR20 Heavy Duty 20 Roll Media Wall Rack
XMH6 6 Pack Orange Handle Magnets