Canon Ink Products

These cartridges are made mainly of plastic material making local recycling and local energy recovery possible. When local recycling is utilized, environmental impacts associated with the transportation of cartridges are reduced.

To support local recycling and energy recovery, Canon has engraved a plastic resin code on each cartridge. Canon large-format ink cartridges are safe for local recycling and local energy recovery facilities.




Canon Ink Products

iPF Graphic Series   iPF Technical   Legacy
iPF 9400
iPF 9400s
iPF 8400
iPF 8400s
iPF 8300
iPF 8300s
iPF 6450
iPF 6400
iPF 6350
iPF 6300
  iPF 850
iPF 840
iPF 830
iPF 825
iPF 820
iPF 815
iPF 810
iPF 755
iPF 750
iPF 710
iPF 700
iPF 655
iPF 650
iPF 620
iPF 610
iPF 510
iPF 500
  iPF 9100
iPF 9000
iPF 9000s
iPF 8100
iPF 8000
iPF 8000s
iPF 6200
iPF 6100
iPF 6000s
iPF 5100
iPF 5000
iPF W8400
iPF W7250


3001B001AA 3002B001AA 3003B001AA 2999B001AA 3004B001AA 3005B001AA 3000B001AA 3010B001AA 3009B001AA 3006B001AA 3007B001AA 3008B001AA 6682B001AA 6683B001AA 6684B001AA 6681B001AA 6680B001AA 6685B001AA 6686B001AA 6690B001AA 6687B001AA 6688B001AA 6689B001AA 6691B001AA 6682B003AA 6683B003AA 6684B003AA 6681B003AA 6680B003AA 6685B003AA 6686B003AA 6690B003AA 6687B003AA 6688B003AA 6689B003AA 6691B003AA 6661B001AA 6666B001AA 6656B001AA 6657B001AA 6658B001AA 6659B001AA 6660B001AA 6662B001AA 6667B001AA 6663B001AA 6664B001AA 6665B001AA a0901B003LG a0902B003LG a0903B003LG a0900B003LG a0899B003LG a0904B003LG a0905B003LG a0909B003LG 1487B001AA 1488B001AA 1489B001AA 1486B001AA 2216B001AA 1490B001AA 1491B001AA 1485B001AA 2215B001AA 1496B001AA 2218B001AA 1495B001AA 2217B001AA 1492B001AA 1493B001AA 1494B001AA 0901B001AA 0902B001AA 0903B001AA 0900B001AA 2220B001AA 0904B001AA 0905B001AA 0899B001AA 2219B001AA 0910B001AA 2222B001AA 0909B001AA 2221B001AA 0906B001AA 0907B001AA 0908B001AA 0884B001AA 0885B001AA 0886B001AA 2211B001AA 0887B001AA 0888B001AA 2212B001AA 2214B001AA 2213B001AA 0889B001AA 0890B001AA 0891B001AA 0881B001AA 0882B001AA 0893B001AA 0892B001AA 8368A001AA 8369A001AA 0172B001AA 8367A001AA 8371A001AA 8372A001AA 0174B001AA 8970A001AA 8971A001AA 0173B001AA 8963A001AA 8973A001AA 8974A001AA 0175B001AA 0896B001AA 0897B001AA 0898B001AA 0895B001AA 0894B001AA 1320B003BA 1320B006AA 1320B006AA 1320B010AA 1320B008AA 9004A005AA 0170B003AA 2251B003AA 2957B001AA 2959B001AA 2960B001AA 2961B001AA 2958B001AA 2962B001AA 2964B001AA 2965B001AA 2966B001AA 2963B001AA 1320B012AA 3630B003AA 3872B003AA 2962B003AA 2963B003AA 2964B003AA 2965B003AA 2966B003AA 1465B012 1479B003 1709B001 7025A029 3034B017AA 1255B020AA 1708b083aa 1708b084aa 1708b016aa 1708b017aa 1708B087 1708B088 1708B085 1708B086 1708B024 1708B025 1708B096 1708B097 1708B094 1708B095 1708B068 1708B069 1708B071 1708B072 1708B035 1708B036 1708B074 1708B075 1708B077 1708B078 1708B031 1708B032 1708B052AA 1708B053AA 1708B080 1708B081 0586b001aa 0362b001aa 0362b002aa 1318b001ba 1465b005aa 1465b006aa 7568a001aa 7569a001aa 7570a001aa 7571a001aa 7572a001aa 7573a001aa 5308B001AA 5305B001AA 5307B001AA 5304B001AA 5306B001AA 5303B001AA 5313B001AA 5312B001AA 5302B001AA 5309B001AA 5310B001AA 5311B001AA 1482b002aa 6680B001AA-rpc 6681B001AA-rpc 6682B001AA-rpc 6683B001AA-rpc 6684B001AA-rpc 6685B001AA-rpc 6686B001AA-rpc 6690B001AA-rpc 6687B001AA-rpc 6688B001AA-rpc 6689B001AA-rpc 6691B001AA-rpc 0899b001aa-rpc 0900b001aa-rpc 0901b001aa-rpc 0902b001aa-rpc 0903b001aa-rpc 0904b001aa-rpc 0905b001aa-rpc 0909b001aa-rpc 9004a005aa 6630B001aa 0906B001AA-rpc 0907B001AA-rpc 0908B001AA-rpc 0910B001AA-rpc 9820b001aa 9821b001aa 9822b001aa 9823b001aa 9824b001aa cyan, magenta, yellow, black, red, light cyan, light magenta, lt magenta, ly cyan, red, green, blue, optimizer, printhead,