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Wide-format printers at Manhattan Beer



Manhattan Beer brews up success with new wide-format printers

When Chris Gonzalez, the graphic arts manager for Manhattan Beer, consolidated three print shops into one and bought five new HP Latex 570 printers to replace 11 older roll to roll machines, he knew these moves would increase his department’s productivity and save money.

RIP Software saves time and money



Save time and money with RIP software

If you’re going hunting in an area where you’ve never been before, you can significantly increase your odds of success by hiring a guide – a local expert who knows the land. In much the same way, RIP software acts as an expert guide, helping you to get the best quality output from your printers, ink and media. In short, managing your workflow with RIP software is your best path to efficient, profitable…



Making jigs and fixtures has never been faster and easier with 3D printing

For years, metal jigs, fixtures and positioning tools have been the unsung heroes of manufacturing facilities. But because of their high cost and long lead time, their impact has never been as big as it could have been. Now, thanks to 3-D printing technologies…

3d Printing Technologies



Nine 3D Printing Technologies – In Plain English

3D printing represents a revolution in the way that new product designs are validated, improved and brought to market. According to a new report from Gartner, by 2020, product introduction timelines will be reduced by 25% because of 3D printing. Using it, companies are better equipped to print prototypes, test them, adjust and tweak them, and repeat…




3D Printing For Machine Tooling: Viva La Revolución!

The 3D printing revolution for machine tooling is upon us! Advances in printing techniques and materials now make it possible for manufacturers to fabricate parts and assemblies from a variety of plastics, resins and metals…



What 3D Metal Printing Can Do Will Surprise You

3D metal printing technology is advancing so rapidly that you may not be aware of what’s possible today. From heavy manufacturing and injection molding and to aerospace and automotive, its applications are pretty amazing…




It’s A Brave New World…in Affordable 3D Printing

If you’ve been on the fence because you thought the only options for 3D printers were two extremes – high-end units costing $100K and up or inexpensive hobby printers – then it’s time to take another look. Several new printers offer exceptional quality in the price range of $20K to $50K, making 3D printing for design and engineering more affordable than ever…



Four Application Scenarios Showcase MultiJet 3D Printer Versatility

MultiJet 3D printers are versatile machines, capable of producing many types of parts and assemblies using a wide variety of materials – and doing so affordably. Here are four common application scenarios that demonstrate the incredible versatility of today’s MultiJet printers…



How To Zero In On The Right Type Of Material For Your Next 3D Printing Job

Looking at datasheets of 3D printing materials is something like walking into a big box hardware store: Overwhelming choices. Where do I begin? What would work best for my project? That’s why we created this high-level overview of these materials to help you zero in on the most promising ones for your application…



Don’t Make These Costly 3D Part Design Mistakes

It’s every engineer’s worst nightmare: You’ve invested many hours perfecting the design of a part on your organization’s CAD system, and now you’re printing your first 3D model. The anticipation is driving you half crazy…




3D CAD software: The Way Your Designs Get Made

Owning a 3D printer without a high-quality 3D CAD design is something like buying a car but having no idea how to put fuel into it. Your 3D printer probably comes bundled with workflow software, the “brain” that translates CAD drawings into layers of plastic or metal in its build chamber…




3D First Starts: Printers

Congratulations! You’ve decided to invest in a 3D printer. Now it’s time to do your homework, to ensure that you end up with the right equipment for your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose wisely…




3D First Starts: Parts

If you have recently decided it’s time to invest in 3D printing, it’s time build your business case for it. This article outlines the questions you should ask before doing so…





When and Why to Use a 3D Service Bureau

As 3D printing technology and materials continue to advance at a rapid but steady pace, many manufacturers are wondering how to get started with it. Fortunately, an ecosystem of service bureaus has sprung up to help companies turn ideas into finished parts, produce high-volume runs of production parts and experiment with…



Explore the New Possibilities with 3D MultiJet Printing

At a recent Big Systems 3D metal printing workshop, presenters emphasized that this technology is quickly moving from prototyping part designs to creating production parts. They outlined six areas where customers are seeing success using this cutting-edge technology…



When and Why to Use a 3D Service Bureau

If you’re looking for ways to accelerate your product development or tool and pattern designs, then you ought to consider investing in a 3D MultiJet printer. These speedy workhorses can help you iterate through multiple designs and bring new products to market faster – without breaking the bank…


Easy Ways to Put the POWER Behind Your Craft Beer Brand

It’s not easy to be a craft brewer today.Competition is fierce. Persuading distributors, retailers and consumers to pay attention to your awesome brews has been an uphill battle. Who knew branding would be so important?…




Latex Printing Possibilities

If you’re looking to print graphics that offers exceptional toughness combined with affordable versatility for banners, signage and other large-format applications, latex will open up a world of possibilities to your business…



10 Ways 3D Printing Supercharges Product Design

3D printing represents a revolution in the way that new product designs are validated, improved and brought to market. According to a new report from Gartner, by 2020, product introduction timelines will be reduced by 25% because of 3D printing. Using it, companies are better equipped to print…




New Epson Print Layout Software

Epson introduces the latest advanced free software, providing intuitive linear workflow designed to allow easy printer selection, layout and color management settings. Compatible with select Epson SureColor® P-Series printers1, Epson Print Layout is the ideal solution for enthusiast and professional photographers…




3 Things to Know About Eco-Solvent Ink Safety

Whether you are concerned about regulations, or if your customers are becoming more green sensitive, or simply if you care about your operators…







What is 3D Printing Used For?

From prototyping to manufacturing, 3D additive manufacturing is making it’s mark on the way we design, evaluate, test and even produce products in a vastly diverse marketplace…




Helping You Take Care of Business

Thousands of print service providers (PSPs) around the globe have discovered the potential of HP Latex Printing Technologies for their businesses. Versatility that creates countless new opportunities to expand your offering.Image quality and durability to exceed your customers’ expectations…





Your Health, The Environment & Latex Printing

Water-based HP Latex Inks offer health and environmental advantages—compared to eco-solvent, solvent, or UV-curable inks—from the work zone to the point-of-display of finished prints and recycling of consumables…





Latex v EcoSolvent

This is an excellent review between the two technologies. I actively sell both types, but for buyers with specific concerns regarding one versus the other, please read on. This data was compiled by Joan Perez Pericot, the worldwide Marketing Director, HP Latex Division…