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Kraft Paper

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 Kraft Paper  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    374053725 in. x 450 ft.0.05¢2.25" $ 47.29      
    374053838 in. x 450 ft.0.05¢2.25" $ 65.73      
    930070051 in. x 450 ft.0.14¢3" $ 267.69      
    930070155 in. x 450 ft.0.14¢3" $ 287.54      
    930070261 in. x 450 ft.0.09¢3" $ 195.37      
    930070438 in. x 450 ft.0.08¢3" $ 111.79      
    930071443 in. x 450 ft.0.08¢3" $ 132.70      
Pressure sensitive, removable window adhesive. One side of adhesive is permanent; the other side is removable. Specially engineered with small grooves in the adhesive that allows trapped air to escape. This allows for on-site handling, so images can be installed by hand without creating air bubbles.

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